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Thread: Parents forced to change childs name

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    Default Parents forced to change childs name

    Guess what they called her?

    Talula does the Hula from Hawaii

    If they were famous,they would get away with that

    me personally i think the 'from hawaii' bit was too far, nought wrong with the 'talula does the hula' part at all

    nah seriously the poor wee kid couldnt tell her pals her name as she was too embarressed

    sorry dont know how to insert the link,but read it in the news there.
    they were from New plymoth i think
    Motherbear,you will have to show me how to insert the links please

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    You can read the story on here

    Meadow, if you click on 'Quote' on my post it will bring up the 'behind the scenes' details showing how the link is inserted. A simpler method is to click on the link for the story in the address bar at the top and click on Copy, then just paste that into the message box. The first method hides the actual link whereas the second method shows the link in full.
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