The talent war: Kiwi expats get help to find a nest at home
Page 1 of 2..... 4:00AM Monday July 21, 2008
By Gill South

Simon Swallow, CEO of search firm Global Career Link, recounts the question a bank manager put to him recently: "I was expecting to see a whole lot of people come back from the UK with the fallout of markets, and layoffs happening over there. Where are they all?"

Swallow believes the answer is that some Kiwi expats have gone to Australia, while others are treading water, waiting to sort out a job back home before they return.

Global Career Link recently surveyed 500 of its 5000 New Zealand candidates in Britain and found that nearly half intended to move back to New Zealand in the next three years. But more than 60 per cent wanted to get a job before they left Britain. However, most felt they knew very little about what was going on in the job market in this country.

The reality is, most of them will come home without a job, says Swallow. But with nothing concrete to return to, many New Zealanders will settle into a life in Britain.

As skills shortages hold back New Zealand companies, they are actively working their alumni in a bid to bring Kiwi talent home. That approach works if the person wants to return to the company they left, but this is not always the case, says Swallow.

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