Older cars may get left behind with biofuel bill
5:00AM Wednesday June 25, 2008
By Mathew Dearnaley

The Automobile Association says motorists driving older cars without sophisticated fuel injection systems may be left in the cold by proposed biofuels legislation.

It is disappointed changes to the Biofuel Bill do not include a requirement for oil companies to guarantee continued supplies of non-biofuel petrol and diesel.

Spokesman Mark Stockdale said yesterday the association was pleased a parliamentary select committee had recommended a reduction in the biofuel sales obligation, to 2.5 per cent of all petrol and diesel sold by energy content by 2012.

That is less than the Government's original proposal for a 3.4 per cent mandate, which BP Oil said would have required it to add biofuel to 90 per cent of its petrol and 30 per cent of diesel at an extra cost of about 7c a litre across its business.

But Mr Stockdale said the AA was concerned at the absence from the bill, as reported back to Parliament on Monday, of any requirement for oil companies to offer motorists a choice between biofuel and pure petroleum products.

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