Police boyracer crackdown sees 1000 prosecutions
Monday, 23 June 2008

Canterbury traffic police have seized 74 cars and prosecuted almost 1000 drivers during a three week blitz on boy racers.

Inspector Derek Erasmus said last weekend's activity focused on drink driving and police had two booze buses and lots of checkpoints set up in central Christchurch.

Seventy people were to face drink driving charges.

Over the period 74 cars were seized for unpaid fines, 914 drivers were prosecuted for other offences including speeding, noise and license breaches and 73 cars were ordered off the road as unsafe or for illegal modifications.

Mr Erasmus said police would continue the operations over coming weekends, particularly targeting noise.

The penalties for noisy vehicles change this week. Previously the fine was $250 with 10 demerit points. This will change to a $50 fine with 25 demerits.

Mr Erasmus said another major concern was the number of drink drivers.

"Drinking drivers in the inner city is a continuing problem. In the main boy racers are not the problem here as they are not over the limit however their passengers often are which can cause problems."


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