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Thread: Work permits approved without documentation - Nats

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    Default Work permits approved without documentation - Nats

    Work permits approved without documentation - Nats
    Wellington | Wednesday, 18 June 2008

    Immigration officers are approving work permits without any supporting documentation from applicants, the National Party has claimed.

    National's immigration spokesman Lockwood Smith today tabled an Immigration Service computer printout which appeared to show an applicant's work permit had been approved for one year with "no supporting evidence".

    The note on the file said this had been done on the basis the applicant had a "residence application under partnership" already with the service, which is part of the Department of Labour.

    However a handwritten note by the immigration officer, who anonymously forwarded it to Dr Smith, said he had checked the residence application and it also had "no evidence".

    Dr Smith said the document appeared to show "basic checks" were not being done on applicants from "high-risk countries".

    Dr Smith yesterday released a full letter from the anonymous officer, which claimed officers were being placed under "threatening pressure" by managers to clear large volumes of applications, leading to shortcuts.

    He said the computer record backed those claims.

    "The computer record and the checks performed clearly support the claim that immigration officials are cutting corners and exposing Kiwis to greater security risks."

    The letter released by Dr Smith has been referred to Auditor-General Kevin Brady.

    Mr Brady is carrying out a wide-ranging inquiry into the Immigration Service after being called in by the Government following a series of scandals and the resignation of its head, Mary Anne Thompson.

    But Dr Smith today told Parliament Immigration Minister Clayton Cosgrove needed to move immediately on the concerns he had raised.

    Mr Cosgrove said Dr Smith should forward any information he had to the Auditor-General.

    However he told Parliament the implied claim from the officer that all temporary work permits were being approved was not true. About 7 percent were refused each year.

    He said it would be ridiculous for him to take action on the officer's claims, which were anonymous and unverified.

    Establishing exactly what problems existing was the point of Mr Brady's inquiry, he said.

    - NZPA

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    is that why I had my application approved within 2days????
    WHV submitted 20/11/07 approved 15/01/08
    arrived in Auckland 23/03/08
    Work permit under partnership submitted 21/05/08 APPROVED 29/05/08
    Work permit extension under partnership submitted 06/03/09 APPROVED 23/03/09 Expires 23/03/10
    Residence permit under partnership submitted 06/03/09
    Immigration Officer assigned 30/04/09
    Residence Permit APPROVED 29/06/09
    Our Baby Boy is due 01/04/10 "whoopwhoop"

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    ^^^ no, I think they started with me, in Washington! They need more documentation of our relationship, and I don't understand why they didn't ask for it the first time around. Maybe I look like a terrorist or something. After all, why would a middle aged nurse who has a good job and a nice life want to come to New Zealand? I guess that is pretty suspicious, so that kiwi might be up to something wanting this American to come over and marry him and then work and live here with him. Truly high risk for New Zealand. Well, worst case situation, I'll come as a visitor and we'll be married, then reapply for the work permit. Hopefully they will like the marriage certificate and consider that reasonable documentation! I really don't think they read anything, just counted papers and we didn't have the required amount.
    Arrived in Auckland on August 6, 2008.Now live in Kawakawa with my kiwi partner.
    I just started working at Bay of Islands Hospital at the beginning of December 2009.
    Work permit renewed and good until June 2010
    EOI submitted and selected, case manager assigned and ITA received. PR application submitted 28/08/09
    approved in principle 26/01/10, PR granted and received 19/03/10

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