Working from home taps into talent pool
5:00AM Sunday June 15, 2008
By Andrea Milner

Employers are under pressure to boost productivity while carefully controlling cash flow, and in a tight labour market this means the way people work is increasingly flexible.

The talent shortage means flexible work arrangements are gaining momentum. Businesses are now willing to outsource projects to mothers wanting to work on a casual basis, or employ contractors over retirement age.

Jason Walker, managing director of Hays New Zealand, is seeing more organisations having the technology to enable them to be flexible. "It was always about, 'how can you guarantee that the people are actually doing the work?' Businesses now have the technology to monitor the work and it can be done at home or in the office."

Recognising business owners are struggling to find labour resources for specific assignments or contracts, Jane Robson has launched a new agency, TalentedMums, to bring together skilled mothers looking for work and employers.

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