School donations dry up
Page 1 of 2 ..... 5:00AM Sunday June 15, 2008
By Anna Rushworth

Schools are bracing themselves for a drop in funding as parents feel the pinch of rising food and petrol prices.

Principals say the economic downturn has led to a fall in the payment of "voluntary" donations for running costs. And some are threatening to boycott a new Government education plan until funding problems are ironed out. But Education Minister Chris Carter has told schools to "stop moaning and start teaching".

The North Shore Principals Association last week withdrew support for the Government's Schools Plus scheme, designed to keep Kiwis in education or training until they were 18. It said 21 Government initiatives were not being fully funded and the new demands were putting extra pressure on schools to secure so-called donations, when many families could least afford them.

A Herald on Sunday survey of schools across the North Island showed the amount schools asked for varied. Only one school requested no donation - decile-2 Mangere Central School, in South Auckland. Decile-10 Auckland Grammar wanted the most, $810 a pupil.

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