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Thread: Coldest day of the year

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    Default Coldest day of the year

    Country freezing on 'coldest day of year'
    10:19AM Thursday May 29, 2008

    Even the warmest parts of the country are shivering today.

    At 7.30am, it was just four degrees in the so-called winter-less north. In parts of west Auckland there was a one degree frost and it was minus two in Hamilton.

    It was even colder in the South Island, where temperatures in Christchurch, Timaru, Dunedin and Queenstown were below freezing. Highs in some Central Otago valleys will be around three or four degrees today with fog setting in.

    TRN weather analyst Philip Duncan says for many it has been the coldest night of the year. He says it is exceptionally early for frosts, which do not usually arrive until late July or early August.

    A front approaching from the south will bring warmer nor-westers to the South Island later today or tonight, flushing out the fog and removing frosts for the next few days.


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    I've been told it's a bone chilling, damp cold there. It is supposed to be about 24 degrees here today. In my little picture on there, the temperature that day was about -24 degrees, without the wind chill. Since I was standing in the whalebone arch on the edge of the Arctic Ocean, there was a breeze! Now, that is really cold!

    I won't miss the snow here!

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