Brits flock to idyllic south
Page 1 of 2 ..... 5:00AM Sunday March 23, 2008
By Rebecca Milne

British migrants Janice and Peter Bass don't do things by halves. After a two-week, fact-finding trip to Canterbury they bought 10 blocks of land so the rest of their family could follow them.

"We felt like we'd come home when we first came to New Zealand," said Janice, 49. "My husband cried on the plane when we went home from that first trip."

The pair are among growing numbers of Brits drawn to New Zealand, the unspoilt beauty of the South Island, in particular.

Fed up with four hours of daily commuting across London, they're enjoying life at the purpose-built Pegasus township, about 25km north of Christchurch. They are building a house on each of their sections. Janice wouldn't say exactly how much it would cost but confirmed $8 million was close.

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