When you think about the major expense and worry they put us through with our piffling little health issues. They're so strict with us because of the financial burden on the already overstretched health service and yet .......

NZ to foot $1m bill for HIV-positive refugees
9:10AM Monday March 17, 2008

HIV treatment and drugs for Zimbabwean refugees granted residency in New Zealand could cost the country nearly $1 million a year.

Immigration figures obtained by The Dominion Post show that of the 939 Zimbabweans who fled the humanitarian crisis in Zimbabwe, 50 would receive treatment for HIV.

The 50 refugees included more than a dozen who came forward during an Aids/HIV amnesty which waived health conditions on their application for residency.

The Ministry of Health said they would meet the anti-retroviral treatment costs of $18,000 a year for each person infected - totalling $900,000 for the 50.

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Surely there are other countries better equipped to take these people. The NZ health service is already in crisis in some areas.