East, west, home's ... really dull
Page 1 of 2 ....... 5:00AM Saturday March 15, 2008
By James Ihaka

For many New Zealanders, the return home from years overseas can be a struggle as they battle with boredom, what they see as narrow-mindedness at home and the fact that no one cares that much about their travel photos.

And many are tempted to leave again, adding to New Zealand's brain drain, a Waikato researcher has found.

Waikato University school of management PhD student Naomi Walter-Pocock said for many Kiwis the return home could be a bizarre and sometimes lonely experience.

"New Zealand changes while they're away and they've changed too so when they come back it seems unfamiliar and strange to them.

"It depends what stage of life people are at, but for those wanting parties and all the excitement of a single lifestyle they had in London, this really is quite a shock for them," she said.

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