Clark vows to keep under-18s in education
Page 1 of 2 .......12.15PM Wednesday January 30, 2008
By Audrey Young

Prime Minister Helen Clark today announced a new age of 18, instead of 16, for students to either stay at school or be in approved vocational training.

She also announced the roll-out of an extensive new youth apprenticeship scheme across the schooling system, in a bid to keep more young people in education and training.

The policy, finalised yesterday by the Cabinet, vastly extends what is to be piloted this year in 10 schools in a bid to bring the world of work and school closer together.

The policy is expected to cost more than $150 million a year.

The scheme allows Youth Apprenticeships students - as young as 14 - to gain NCEA credits, work towards a tertiary, industry or trades-based qualification and get a head start on an apprenticeship while still at school.

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