Google puts New Zealand on the World Wide Maps
5:00AM Tuesday January 01, 2008
By Martha McKenzie-Minifie

Internet giant Google is filming streets in New Zealand towns - and raising privacy concerns.

Google plans this year to place New Zealand streetscapes in its "Street View", a feature that created a public uproar in the United States.

Images of partially clothed sunbathing women, a man entering an adult bookshop and another a strip club, and one being arrested, sparked debate over what should be public and what should stay private.

"When out on our daily business we don't expect a camera-wielding car to capture hundreds of pictures of us and publish them on the net with city and address attached," wrote one internet user.

"Maybe if their 'photo car' was bright yellow and had a man on a blow horn yelling, 'I'm going to publish your photo on the internet', I could understand."

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