NZ trails developed world in income equality stakes
3:07PM Thursday October 18, 2007

New Zealand continues to do well in traditional social areas such as unemployment and badly when it comes to income inequality and obesity, compared with the rest of the developed world.

A report released today by the Ministry of Social Development showed New Zealand was equal to, or above the OECD median for 12 of the 20 indicators looked at.

For representation of women in Parliament, voter turnout, corruption and unemployment NZ did well - often among the top OECD countries.

New Zealand ranks ninth out of the 30 OECD countries for representation of women in Parliament and eighth for voter turnout with 77 per cent of eligible voters turning up for the 2005 election.

NZ was well above most OECD countries for perceived corruption. In 2006, NZ ranked first equal with Finland and Iceland as the least corrupt nations in the OECD.

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