Wonder if this will extend to all parts of their service.

Immigration service wins award
6:55PM Friday October 12, 2007

Visa overstayers who might once have been targeted in dawn raids by immigration officials may in future receive kinder, gentler, texts and email reminders.

The Department of Labour - which incorporates the Immigration Service - has started sending personalised texts and emails to customers to provide "immigration information" such as permit expiry reminders, policy and fee change notifications, notices for immigration agents and information about jobs.

The department's "proactive client communications" project led by its iBranch - which tests new innovations and technologies - has been given a Telecommunications Users Association award.

"It's a fast, effective way to make personal contact with people about their situation," said the department's workforce deputy secretary, Mary Anne Thompson.

"The department can update customers quickly on changes to policy or other important information.

"The department is the first immigration service in the Asia-Pacific region - and possibly the world - to use such a communications approach."

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