More people stay in work while drawing pension
5:00AM Wednesday October 10, 2007

A growing number of people are staying in the labour force beyond the age at which they are entitled to superannuation, Statistics New Zealand says.

The information is in a new report, New Zealand's 65+ Population, which brings together a range ofstatistics on those aged 65 andover.

Of men aged 65 to 69, 43 per cent were in fulltime or part-time employment at the 2006 Census, Statistics NZ said yesterday.

A fifth of men aged 70 to 74 were also in work, as were more thana quarter of women aged between 65 and 69.

New Zealanders are also living longer.

From 1950-52 and 2004-06, the proportion of New Zealand men living to 65 increased from 68 per cent to 86 per cent.

About 90 per cent of women are now likely to live to 65 years, and about half to 85.

Population ageing was more pronounced in the South Island than in the North Island, Statistics NZ said.

In 2006, the 65-plus group made up more than 20 per cent of all residents in four areas, compared with 12 per cent nationally. Those areas were Thames Coromandel, Kapiti Coast, Horowhenua and Waitaki.

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