Pure water law will result in higher bills
Page 1 of 2 ...... 5:00AM Wednesday October 10, 2007
By Claire Trevett

Clean drinking water will be guaranteed under a new law - but there are warnings householders in small towns and rural areas will pay more in rates and water charges as a result.

The Health (Drinking Water) Amendment law allows for drinking water standards which all water suppliers must take "reasonable and practicable steps" to meet.

Health Minister Pete Hodgson said the drinking water standards law was in line with other OECD countries, and important for both health and New Zealand's international image.

However, the law change has hit the Far North District Council with a bill of up to $10 million to upgrade its equipment - and others have estimated costs of up to $30 million, which would have to be passed onto householders in rates or water charges.

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