Queues to go at Air NZ domestic counter
5:00AM Monday October 08, 2007
By David Stone

Air New Zealand intends to do away with check-in counters and queuing at domestic airports, but says staff will still be on hand for passengers needing help.

Some of the changes planned were foreshadowed by Air NZ's chief executive, Rob Fyfe, earlier this year, and were shown in a video to shareholders at their annual meeting last week.

Speaking after the meeting, Fyfe said the major airport changes, together with the dual zoning of seats in the airline's domestic B737-300s, would be introduced around August next year, but other changes could be tested as early as April.

The first steps have already been taken with the increasing proportion of passengers either checking in online, indicating their seat preference and printing out their electronic tickets and boarding passes, or obtaining their boarding passes at airport kiosks.

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