Incomes make biggest leap in five years
2:00PM Thursday October 04, 2007

Average weekly incomes from all sources for all people rose 9.4 per cent from a year ago to $667 in the year to June , Statistics New Zealand said today.

The increase shown in the department's annual income survey was the highest increase since 2002.

It was driven by a rise in wages and salaries and investment income.

Pakeha incomes rose 9.9 per cent to an average of $723 while Maori incomes rose 3.8 per cent to $526 and Pacific peoples' incomes rose 9.9 per cent to $477.

For those receiving wage and salary income, the average weekly wage and salary income increased more for 8.7 per cent for males and 6 per cent for females.

The number who are self employed remained steady on 11.4 per cent and their incomes increased 5.7 per cent on average.

Average household incomes from all sources rose 9.4 per cent to $1445.

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