Got itchy feet? You're not alone
Page 1 of 2....... 5:00AM Tuesday October 02, 2007
By Juliet Rowan

While most of us like to stay put, more than a quarter of New Zealanders have moved at least once in the past two years, a survey reveals.

The first nationwide Survey of Dynamics and Motivations for Migration in New Zealand found that social and environmental reasons were the main factors behind people moving to new homes.

The survey by Statistics NZ in the March 2007 quarter examined what motivates people to move from one house to another, one area to another, or to and from New Zealand.

It also looked at what motivates "non-movers" to stay where they are.

The survey found that those who moved within New Zealand between March 2005 and March this year were generally younger than those who did not move in the two years.

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