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Thread: Power, petrol to cost more

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    Default Power, petrol to cost more

    Power, petrol to cost more under Govt plan
    Page 1 of 2 11:53AM Monday September 17, 2007
    By Claire Trevett

    Power bills will rise but the Government plans to help people on lower incomes under its new environmental carbon emissions trading scheme.

    Prime Minister Helen Clark yesterday said the trading scheme, to be announced on Thursday, would include "compensation" for poor households to cope with the expected increases in power bills.

    She acknowledged the trading scheme would push up electricity and petrol prices, "which is why it's so important that there is compensation for the low/modest-income consumer because they are not in a position, necessarily, to radically alter their pattern of use".

    She would not give details of the assistance, saying they would be given with the announcement.

    More here .
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    The don't seem to realise that the only people who suffer the consequences are the consumers. Corporations dont care how much they are charged for emissions, they just pass it on to their customers. Then the govt give all the money back to people who cant afford the price hikes, so really speaking the only people who suffer are the working class!

    Why don't they introduce a new scheme called 'Everyone would be better off on benefits', as it sure doesnt pay to be average Joe any more!

    Ahh, nothing like a good rant

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taffy View Post
    Why don't they introduce a new scheme called 'Everyone would be better off on benefits', as it sure doesnt pay to be average Joe any more!
    You are vair vair clever man - they don't call you a demi-god for nothing

    No need for us to job-hunt when we arrive - brilliant, one less thing to worry about!
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