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Thread: Passionate Pumas Stun French

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    Default Passionate Pumas Stun French

    Passionate Pumas stun feeble French - Sport - The Press

    Mon dieu. France's hopes of celebrating the opening of this Rugby World Cup ? their Rugby World Cup ? were shattered by a stunning 17-12 upset victory by Argentina at the Stade de France in Paris this morning.

    It was a magnificent victory by the Pumas who sent the World Cup's host nation into shocked disbelief with a performance of passion, discipline and immense defensive fortitude.

    On the other side of the coin, it was a feeble display by Bernard Laporte's French who dropped their fifth match at home to Argentina in the last six outings.

    The tournament hosts completely lacked penetration on attack, not to mention ideas of how to break down the Pumas defensive wall, and even when they managed to get their hands on more ball in the second 40, they could sill find no way to carve the openings they so required.

    It looked like schoolboy rugby for the first 15 minutes, with all the mistakes and the horrible French kicking (and missing).

    It was pretty clear that Argentina had the passion and the heart, though when France made that mass substitution near the end of the second half I thought they might be able to pull it out. It was nice to see Argentina bend a little then stiffen and hold them off.

    If the whole tourney is as exciting as the last 60 minutes this morning, it's gonna be a doozy!
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    Gosh, with that headline, I was expecting a story about mountain lions found en flagrant? dicto by Gallic tourists. Or maybe even flagranting the tourists!??

    Viva Argentina!
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