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Thread: UK 17th in quality of life index

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    Default UK 17th in quality of life index

    Britain 17th in world's quality of life index
    By Laura Clout
    Last Updated: 1:18am BST 06/09/2007

    Britain may have the fifth biggest economy in the world but it is ranked only 17th for quality of life. (But click on the below 'More here' link and then 'Top 10 countries' etc. to see where NZ lies ).

    According to a study that compares the economies of 183 countries, Britain does not even make the top 40 in the list of hospital beds per 1,000 people.

    Norway tops the "human development" - or quality of life - index, followed by Iceland and Australia.

    Things are even worse for British children, who come 21st in the "child well-being" index, which is headed by Holland.

    However, the news is not all bleak. The country is world leader for attracting investment from foreign countries and the figure for carbon emissions per person is less than half that of America.

    More here .
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    NZ came 20th?


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