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London Monteith's fans drink pubs dry
5:00AM Monday August 06, 2007
By Simon Hendery

DB's Andy Daniells says Monteith's exports to Britain sold out much more quickly than expected. Photo / Kenny Rodger

They've been drinking our beer over there for a while but for the first time the discerning London lager lover can now enjoy a New Zealand-brewed Monteith's at the pub.

Owner DB Breweries has spent the past two years working on a strategy to sell Monteith's to top-end UK drinkers, cashing in on a growing demand in that market for high-priced "premium" and exotic brews.

The plan has initially proved too successful, with the brewer getting caught short of product when an initial shipment of 3000 cases of the beer sold out faster than predicted.

"We had to air-freight 600 cases up last month, at huge expense, because we thought we could make it through but we've had such good sales," said DB business development manager Andy Daniells.

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