Young travellers bring skills
Page 1 of 2 5:00AM Thursday July 26, 2007

Auckland's Chamber of Commerce is aiming to attract highly skilled people to work in New Zealand through a new website and marketing plan. It also hopes employers will be more open-minded about hiring people from abroad.

Five years ago a survey by the chamber showed around half the companies it spoke to could not recruit the staff they needed. Meanwhile, migrants were walking the streets looking for work. To bring the two together the chamber launched, which has so far helped place more than 3000 migrants into jobs.

"The New Kiwi scheme is still running," says the chamber's chief executive Michael Barnett. But now the organisation is stepping up its drive to help Kiwi firms fill the skills gap by encouraging people to have their big OE in New Zealand.

"We have to get out of the mindset of thinking that people just come here to live," says Barnett. "I think New Zealand can also be a destination for young people in their 20s who want to come here to build their CV and have a different life and work experience.

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