Giant screens across country for 2011world cup
5:00AM Friday July 06, 2007
By Bernard Orsman

Rugby NZ chief Martin Sneddenhopes to emulate the success of the outdoor screens for the World Cup in Germany Photo / Reuters

Fans will be able to watch 2011 World Rugby Cup matches at live sites throughout the country, says Martin Snedden, the former cricket chief now in charge of overseeing the tournament.

The sites would run along similar lines to the Woolshed, the New Zealand fan base for the America's Cup in Valencia, and the Fan Fests in Germany at last year's soccer World Cup.

Mr Snedden told a Tourism Auckland conference yesterday that ticket prices for big games were going to be "fairly significant". Live sites were a good way for people to embrace the tournament and provide access to the games.

"Just seeing what happened in Germany and what happened in Valencia, we know it is an idea people will grab hold of," he said.

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