If it's anything like the jet fighters that scream over our house repeatedly, be prepared, so you don't have a heart attack. They come out of nowhere and I often crick my neck wincing with the noise as they go overhead. Nice to watch, though.

Tuesday June 19, 04:12 PM
Australian planes in NZ skies

2 Royal Australian Air Force F-111 strike aircraft will roar across New Zealand skies this week.

They are being hosted by our air force for three days of mountain flying training.

The two Australian jets will fly over much of the North Island, including the East Coast and New Plymouth - as well as fly down the West Coast of the South Island as far as Fiordland. The Aussies say New Zealand's terrain is an ideal for mountain flying training.

New Zealand Air Component Commander, Air Commodore Peter Stockwell, says the visit is a good opportunity for air crew on both sides of the Tasman to swap information and experiences.

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