'Last man standing' booze competition appals Alac
5:00AM Friday June 15, 2007

A drinking competition designed to find "the last man" standing has been condemned as outrageous by the Alcohol Advisory Council.

The competition, planned as part of an event to be held this weekend by the Mid-Canterbury District Young Farmers, challenges participants to drink one standard drink every seven minutes to see who will be the last man standing.

"This sort of promotion would be shut down in a second if it was on licensed premises," Alac acting chief executive officer Sandra Kirby said. "Unfortunately this event is on private property and, therefore, has to rely on the responsibility and common sense of the organisers - which it is obvious in this case is decidedly lacking."

Ms Kirby said Alac had been sent a copy of the flyer promoting the function by a concerned Ashburton resident. The country's binge-drinking culture already caused significant social and economic harm.

For an organisation such as Young Farmers to promote an activity which was especially destructive among their age group was disappointing.

"There's nothing wrong with a good party but you don't have to have a party which puts farmers at risk."

Ms Kirby said Alac would be raising its concerns with the organisation today.

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