20 per cent of British police recruits have quit NZ force
5:00AM Monday June 11, 2007
By Jarrod Booker

Almost a fifth of police officers recruited from Britain have quit their jobs in New Zealand, but the union representing New Zealand officers still believes it has been a success.

The National Party is questioning whether the British officers brought over since 2003 to fill gaps, mostly in Auckland, knew what they were getting into.

Answers to parliamentary questions by National police spokesman Chester Borrows said of 222 officers recruited to serve in New Zealand, 42 had left.

"Clearly, little has been done to arrest the rate of attrition. You have to wonder if the conditions of work are made clear to them before we put the time and resources into training them," Mr Borrows said.

Police national headquarters said the attrition among the British recruitment was not unusually high. "The ones who have returned to the UK have done so for a variety of reasons, including family," said general manager of police human resources Wayne Annan.

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