Global warming could change school year
5:00AM Wednesday June 06, 2007
By Martha McKenzie-Minifie

Hotter weather through climate change could see schools closed over summer until mid-March, a 21st Century learning conference heard yesterday.

And students of the future could travel between schools for specialist studies as "one-size-fits all" education became a thing of the past, said Nicola Meek, chief executive of the Government-funded Secondary Futures project. If that happened, the "grammar zone" property phenomenon could also be relegated to the history books.

"We are not about increased profits for real estate agents who value one learning institution over others," said Ms Meek.

It could end inter-school rivalry and schools' competition for students, as institutions worked together to deliver customised learning, she said.
"Our economy is not going to support state-of-the-art facilities in every institution," said Ms Meek.

"We need to consider now how we might share that resourcing so that all students can have access."

Ms Meek said Hagley Community College in Christchurch, which offered 24-hour swipe card access and classes until 9.30pm, was forward looking.

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