Number of new NZ streets surges
By MIKE STEERE - The Press | Tuesday, 5 June 2007

The number of new streets being created in New Zealand is soaring, with more than two new ones established every day.

Fresh figures from Land Information New Zealand (Linz) show there are now 65,671 streets in the country, nearly 6000 more than at the turn of the century.
Last year, 866 new streets were made across the country ? a 14-year high.

Urban development strategy chairman and Christchurch City councillor Bob Parker said it was no surprise the number of streets created had sky-rocketed.

"We have enjoyed steady growth ... and strong growth in the last five to 10 years."

Most of the increase would be due to the impact of Auckland developments, he said. "There are developments here, but it's on a scale that is significantly smaller than the pressures in Auckland."

The number of new streets was an important component of urban planning, as different modes of transport had to be considered for each road, and increases in traffic also needed to be accounted for, Parker said.

Property developer Tom Kain said new urban design trends promoted the construction of more streets.

"I think there is a trend towards fewer cul-de-sacs ... and back to the grid-type system.

"So, you are inclined to get a few more roads."

Kain's current project, a subdivision called Noble Gardens, near Yaldhurst, was planned around one "spine-road", several "secondary roads" and "neighbourhood roads".

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