NZ population growing and getting older
12:10PM Friday May 11, 2007

The population of New Zealand increased by 1 per cent in the year to March and now stands at 4,177,000.

Acting government statistician Dallas Welch said the country's resident population rose by 43,100 in the year, compared to a 40,600 increase last year.

He said: "The higher population growth during the March 2007 year was mainly due to a larger permanent and long-term migration gain, and a small rise in natural increase."

Natural increase is when there are more births than deaths.

Mrs Welch said the median age of New Zealanders was also rising.

At March 31 the median age for males was 35.1 years (half are younger, and half older, than this age). The median age for the female population was 36.9 years, the figures from Statistics New Zealand show.

The median age has increased by 2.7 years for males and three years for females between the 1997 and 2007.


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