Grandfather tangled in immigration net
5:00AM Monday May 07, 2007
By Simon Collins

Derek Bourner with his granddaughters Jennifer (left) and Jessica Shed. Photo Sarah Ivey

After his wife died four years ago, Derek Bourner left a life's work behind in Britain and came to live next door to his daughter in the Waikato village of Eureka.

Cows graze on the farm across the road. It takes two minutes to walk from his small lifestyle block through a hedge to see his daughter Pauline Shed, her husband Mark and their two daughters aged 13 and 12.

"If I had written a letter in January 2005 [just before he came to New Zealand] saying where I would love to live," he said, "it would have been exactly this house I'm sitting in now."

There's only one thing wrong with the 77-year-old's idyllic existence: New Zealand's immigration laws.

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