Protest over child-care 'double hit'
5:00AM Saturday April 28, 2007
By Martha McKenzie-Minifie

Childcare centres are being accused of hitting parents in the pocket twice by raising prices as they indicate they will reject the Government's free childcare plan.

And a group of parents called "20 Hours Free. Please" is striking back by circulating a petition calling on the Government to re-examine the free hours scheme.

Auckland mother-of-two Natasha Barker wrote to the Herald, upset that her family was unlikely to benefit from the Government's pledge to provide 3- and 4-year-olds 20 hours of free childcare a week.

She said it further hurt that Lollipops Educare in Glen Eden, which her younger daughter Georgia, 3, attends, was raising its fees by $25 a week from Tuesday and indicating it would reject the Government scheme.

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