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Thread: Get out and walk...or ride

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    Default Get out and walk...or ride

    Force people out of cars, says Treasury
    5:00AM Monday April 23, 2007
    By Mathew Dearnaley

    A Treasury-led officials group is urging ministers and Auckland political leaders to employ aggressive "push" tactics to get people out of cars and on to buses, trains and ferries.

    It says comparisons with overseas cities show that existing investment plans and public transport "pull" factors such as better reliability and seamless fares will at best only keep pace with Auckland's population growth, and will not ease congestion.

    If Auckland is serious about rapid public transport growth between now and 2016, it must consider bold new tools such as road charges as well as greater use of existing measures such as parking restrictions and bus priority lanes, the group says.

    That is despite stiff opposition raised by Aucklanders to several road-pricing or tolling schemes mooted by the Ministry of Transport and Transit NZ.

    Transit has abandoned a scheme to toll the western ring route, but the ministry is continuing a study into charging motorists for using key Auckland roads, despite support from just 25 per cent of submissions for various models proposed last year.

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    Smile I should try too :)

    I bike every work day as long as it doesn't rain. I travel along Manukau Road with the buses, cars, vans and trucks on those days and I try to be very careful to avoid getting too close to cars. On some occasions, I feel intimidated by cars and vans zooming pass as they make me unbalance; blasting exhaust noises and gusts of wind. Also buses and trucks clog up my respiratory system therefore I usually keep a clear distance travelling behind them.

    What I'm trying to say is if there're more allocations for bikes on the road, more people will try to bike. It was scary to start with but once you meet some kind drivers that respect your route and give way, it's really nice. I think more drivers are starting to notice people on bikes and it's a good thought for them to join us. After all we're killing two birds with a stone by getting daily exercises (saving hundreds of $$ from gym fees) and solving traffic problems (less money spent on oil, building motorways).


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