No-child families becoming more common
5:00AM Sunday April 22, 2007
By Nicola Shepheard

Raewyn Carr and Thomas Flinn enjoy their lifestyle. Photo / Doug Sherring

Move over Married-With-Children: childless couples could overtake you as the main New Zealand family type as soon as 2012.

At last year's census, couples with children numbered 447,894, or 42 per cent of all families, a runny nose ahead of the 425,973 couples without children (40 per cent). Another 193,635, or 18 per cent, consisted of one parent with a child or children.

Statistics New Zealand defines a family as a couple, with or without children, or a sole parent with offspring, who usually live together.

Childless couples include those whose children have left home, and those who've never had children. Many are dinks - "double-income-no-kids".

Statistics New Zealand chief demographer Mansoor Khawaja said latest projections put childless couples as the most common family type in five to 10 years.

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