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Thread: NZ cities rated

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    Default NZ cities rated

    NZ cities up with best in world for living
    NZPA | Tuesday, 3 April 2007

    Auckland and Wellington are up there with best cities in the world in terms of health and quality of living, a survey has found.

    The 2007 Quality of Living Survey conducted by Mercer human resource consultants looked at 215 cities worldwide.

    In overall quality of living Auckland ranked fifth equal with Dusseldorf, Germany, and Wellington 12th.

    Zurich in Switzerland was first and Baghdad in Iraq last.

    In terms of health and sanitation, both Auckland and Wellington ranked 18th, with Canada's Calgary taking the top spot and Baku in Azerbaijan the last.

    Sydney, Australia, ranked ninth equal with Bern in Switzerland in overall quality of living , but 62nd in terms of health and sanitation.

    Along with New Zealand cities in North America, Australia, Japan and Western Europe dominated the top rankings of the survey.

    More here .
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    Default Re: NZ cities rated

    I have to say that I am surprised, at Auckland being so high anyway. It will be interesting to see what came after it.

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