Teens rush to gain driver licence
By Andre Hueber 5:30 AM Sunday Jul 31, 2011

Fifteen-year-olds have been rushing to sit the driving test for their learner's licence before tomorrow's law change, which will raise the age to 16. But some have left it too late and will now have to wait up to a year.

From tomorrow teenagers must be 16 to sit the test for a learner licence.

NZTA spokesman Andy Knackstedt said there had been an 18 per cent increase in 15-year-olds applying to sit their licence since the change was announced in May last year, which showed a good level of awareness.

Customer service operator at VTNZ Hawke's Bay, Margaret Amundsen, said bookings had gone absolutely crazy in the past fortnight.

"Friday was the worst. We had 32 15-year-olds when we usually have two or three."

No testing stations operate in Hawkes Bay during the weekend and Amundsen said she had 13 phone calls yesterday from young people who had left it too late.

Leah Edwards of the Waitakere Testing Station noticed a steady increase in the lead-up to the new rules.

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