Offers flood in for ousted couple
By Nicholas Jones 5:30 AM Saturday Jul 9, 2011

Offers of help have flooded in for an English couple left with nowhere to stay during the Rugby World Cup after a lodge cancelled their booking.

More than 60 people contacted the Herald to offer free or cheap accommodation to Kieran Lean and his girlfriend Chantal Hyom after their plight made yesterday's front page.

Last night, Mr Lean's mother, Mandy Lean, told the Weekend Herald the response had been incredible.

She had received phone calls from concerned New Zealanders who offered accommodation and apologised for the treatment of her son and Ms Hyom.

Mrs Lean said the couple had been at a loose end since learning their booking had been cancelled.

"All the week the two of them have just been going around in a stupor because they just had all their plans blown out of the water.

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