Key rejects BBC criticism of NZ 'pure' claim
By Paul Harper 11:05 AM Wednesday May 11, 2011

Mr Key was responding to BBC Hardtalk reporter Stephen Sackur, who suggested the country's slogan is no longer true.

"Dr Mike Joy, of Massey University, a leader environmental scientist in your country, just the other day said 'we are delusional about how clean and green we are'," Mr Sackur said.

He cited Mr Joy's research, which found half of the lakes and 90 per cent of lowland rivers in New Zealand are polluted.

Mr Key, who is also the Minister of Tourism, said he does not share Mr Joy's view.

"He's one academic and, like lawyers, I could provide you others who would give a counter view," he said.

"If anybody goes down to New Zealand and looks at our environmental credentials and looks at New Zealand, then for the most part, I think in comparison with the rest of the world, we are 100 per cent pure."

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