Govt makes it a lot easier for the rich to get NZ passports
By Lincoln Tan 5:30 AM Saturday May 7, 2011

Changes to the Government's business migration scheme will make it easier for rich foreign investors to qualify as investor migrants.

These include a reduction in the number of days a $10 million investor has to spend in the country from 73 to 44 days, and recognising investments in bank bonds and equity, Immigration Minister Jonathan Coleman announced yesterday at a breakfast meeting in Auckland.

Business migrants will also need to only meet one of the two requirements of either having managed a business with five full-time employees or a business with at least a $1 million annual turnover, instead of both.

But what immigration advisers say will attract investor migrants, especially those from China and the rest of Asia, are that funds can now be transferred through foreign exchange companies and not just banks, and the recognition of residential property, other than their own home, as an "acceptable investment".

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