Broadband speeds better in the suburbs, report
10:30 AM Monday Dec 20, 2010

Broadband speeds continued to improve across New Zealand in the first half of the year, but were slower in the central city when compared with web browsing speeds in the suburbs.

The findings are contained in a report prepared by the Commerce Commission.

"In Auckland central where the site is relatively close to the exchange nearly all the ISPs were struggling to achieve a web browsing speed of 3Mbps at the end of the period while this speed was exceeded by
several ISPs in suburban test sites even as far south as Christchurch," the report said.

It was possible that the age of copper lines and/or interference with other data services in the copper plant had contributed to slower browsing speeds in the central city, the report said.

Meanwhile internet service providers with access to unbundled Telecom exchanges were able to offer substantially faster web-browsing speeds than ISPs through May and June, according to the report.

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