Young Kiwis spared hard work foreign kids do
By Simon Collins
5:30 AM Thursday Nov 18, 2010

Childhood in New Zealand means not having to work, according to a survey of children around the world by the aid agency Child Fund.

The survey found that a quarter of the children in 30 developing countries where Child Fund operates have to work at least half of every day, often at backbreaking tasks such as fetching water or firewood.

Even across the Tasman, nine of the 100 10- to-12-year-old Australian children surveyed said they worked an average of at least half of every day.

In New Zealand, only one in 100 in the same age group worked as much - and that was probably mainly at the weekends. Two-thirds of the Kiwi kids worked less than an hour a day, compared with 55 per cent of Australians and only 31 per cent in the poorer countries.

India-born Monica Sayani, 12, a Glenfield Intermediate student who was one of the 100 Kiwi children surveyed, counts herself fortunate to have no work to do apart from usually less than an hour's gardening at weekends.

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