Increase pay or we'll quit, workers say
By Christopher Adams
5:30 AM Wednesday Nov 17, 2010

Many New Zealand workers are prepared to jump ship next year if the pay rise they are expecting fails to materialise, research has found.

The Salary Expectations Survey, conducted by consultancy firm Right Management, quizzed respondents on the extent to which salary levels and increases motivated them to remain in their jobs, or look for a new employer.

The results suggest staff retention issues may be on the horizon for employers as salary and wage growth continue to disappoint workers.

Almost 70 per cent of respondents expected a pay rise in the next 12 months, with 33 per cent indicating they were "quite likely" or "very likely" to look for a new job if they failed to get one.

Right Management practice leader Murray McLachlan said the results of the survey sent a clear message to employers.

"If employers want to retain quality staff they are going to have to think very hard about what they can do to prevent them looking elsewhere," he said.

Survey respondents were also asked what they considered a reasonable pay rise, with 35 per cent indicating they were expecting an increase of between 3 and 5 per cent.

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