Tourism NZ slams $356 UK flight tax
12:05 PM Tuesday Nov 2, 2010

Tourism New Zealand has slammed a 55 per cent increase in the flight tax tourists from the United Kingdom will have to pay to fly to our shores.

From yesterday, passengers will have to pay up to 170 pounds sterling (NZD$356) in Air Passenger Duty to fly to New Zealand and Australia.

With the rates graduated by travelling distance, long-haul passengers to this part of the world will pay more than those travelling closer to home.

Tourism New Zealand spokesperson Greg Anderson told National Radio the flight tax would adversely impact numbers of tourists flying from the UK.

"In a difficult economic climate this is just something else that is not making the recovery any easier," Mr Anderson said.

The numbers of tourists from the UK have been down in the last two years, and in recent months down by between 10 and 20 per cent, Mr Anderson said.

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