Delighted dad wins his fight for life and residency
By Lincoln Tan
5:30 AM Monday Oct 18, 2010

A Filipino immigrant who spent most of the past two years fighting for his life says that "through the grace of God" he has a new lease of life and a new country to call home.

Roderick Catuday, who was denied an already approved work permit because he was diagnosed with cancer, was last Friday issued with a New Zealand residence permit.

This followed news from his doctors that he is in complete remission from the acute myeloid leukaemia, diagnosed while he was waiting for his passport to be stamped by Immigration New Zealand in 2008.

"I am so overjoyed, I am so lost for words," said Mr Catuday, who now weighs 70kg - up from 46kg when he was ill. "The first thing I did when I received my residency was phone my wife at work to tell her we can now officially call New Zealand our home."

Mr Catuday is married to Emelita, 42, and they have three children, Louise, 18, Gerick, 17, and Danielle, 14.

The family spent yesterday in church in thanksgiving for what Mr Catuday says is the "final touch" to his quest for a new homeland.

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