Things far from rosy in Aust workplace
By Greg Ansley
5:30 AM Thursday Oct 7, 2010

CANBERRA - The glow is starting to fade on working life in the lucky country.

Although official unemployment hovers around a low 5 per cent, jobs growth is soaring and average full-time earnings run at about A$65,000 ($80,580), new reports point to big holes in the picture.

These show that casual, part-time and contract work are steadily replacing permanent employment, and endemic job stress is costing the nation at least A$730 million a year.

Women also continue to be paid less than men and are sidelined from senior jobs in a trend that may see gender quotas imposed.

The reports say that, across Australia, much working life is changing for the worse.

A study by Sydney University's Workplace Research Centre found that the nation's casual workforce has grown to about two million, with non-permanent work outstripping standard full-time employment.

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