Win some, lose some with GST
By Michael Dickison
5:30 AM Saturday Oct 2, 2010

Prices on some household items have risen more than double the cost of yesterday's GST increase - despite many retailers choosing to take a hit to their profit margins.

Some shoppers said the changes were noticeable at the checkout and would affect their budgets, while others could not see what the fuss was about.

A Weekend Herald survey yesterday found most shops kept their price rises at or below the cost of GST - with some notable exceptions.

Subway's Sub of the Day became 40c dearer even though the GST component rose less than 9c. Loose bananas at Foodtown rose 14c a kg where the extra GST cost was just 7c.

A Fisher & Paykel Iridium fridge freezer at Noel Leeming became $100 more expensive overnight despite a GST increase of $47.

But in all cases, the retailers absorbed the GST rises in other items.

Noel Leeming avoided rises to most products and the electronics store even dropped some prices.

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