Survey: NZ migrants gradually less happy
3:11 PM Monday Sep 27, 2010

Migrants are less satisfied with their lives and more likely to feel unsafe after several years in New Zealand, a long-term survey has found.

But they are also more likely to be employed, earn more and have greater job satisfaction, the longitudinal immigration survey by the Department of Labour and Statistics New Zealand shows.

More than 5000 migrants were interviewed at six months, 18 months and three years since moving to New Zealand.

The results, released today, found 24.2 per cent of migrants were less satisfied with their lives at three years, compared with 14.1 per cent who were more satisfied.

While 92.3 per cent of migrants said they were satisfied or very satisfied at three years, the number who were very satisfied decreased over time, from 44.7 per cent at six months to 35.5 per cent at three years.

Migrants were also less likely to feel safe from crime, with 36.1 per cent saying they felt less safe at six months compared with 13.8 per cent who felt more safe at three years.

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