Kiwis, count your blessings
By Bernard Hickey
5:30 AM Sunday Sep 12, 2010

New Zealand has just suffered its biggest corporate collapse since 1989 and its biggest natural disaster since 1931. Both events have the potential to destabilise the economic recovery, but they won't.

There are 10 reasons to be cheerful after two weeks of gloom. They are also an antidote for those who say I am a permanent harbinger of doom.

1. We are lucky to be next to the luckiest country.

New Zealand is lucky to have the luckiest country on the planet as its largest trading partner and nearest neighbour. Australia's economy just created another 53,100 jobs last month and it continues to benefit from China's insatiable appetite for raw materials. We have our own lucky attributes. Our water-rich land, fisheries and mineral resources are a real asset married to our stable political and legal systems.

2. We are in the Asian hemisphere.

New Zealand also has its own strong connections with an economy that is set to overtake America and become the world's largest by 2030.

China is now our second-largest trading partner.

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